Lab members

Yassmine Chebarro

Visiting Scientist from CNRS, France

Yassmine is a visiting scientist from National Center for Scientific Research in France.

Yin Hoon Chew

Postdoctoral Fellow

Yin Hoon's graduate research focused on developing multiscale models of Arabidopsis thaliana growth. Yin Hoon earned her PhD in Systems Biology from the University of Edinburgh, her MEng in Bioprocess Engineering from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, and her BEng in Chemical Engineering from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

Arthur Goldberg

Associate Professor

Arthur is working to develop new software systems to accelerate whole-cell modeling. Arthur has extensive experience in computational biology, genomics, parallel discrete event simulation, software engineering and database systems. Arthur earned his PhD in Computer Science from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Jonathan Karr


Jonathan is a Fellow in the Institute for Genomics & Multiscale Biology Institute at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. He earned his PhD in Biophysics and his MS in Medicine from Stanford University. He received his SB in Physics and Brain & Cognitive Sciences from MIT. Jonathan grew up in Potomac MD. Outside the lab he enjoys running, biking, and exploring the city.

More info: cv

Paul Lang

Visiting PhD Student from Oxford University

Paul Lang is visiting from Oxford University where he is working with Bela Novak to develop an integrated model of the human cell cycle.

Zhouyang Lian


Yang is building a search engine for molecular data. Yang earned his MS in Computer Science from NYU, MS in from the Washington University of St Louis, and his BS in Bioengineering from the University of Washington.

Yosef Roth

Research Assistant

Yosef is developing tools for building the next generation of mechanistic models of biology and using these tools to build a model of Mycoplasma pneumoniae. Recently, Yosef earned a NSF Graduate Fellowship to continue his research. Yosef is a Research Assistant at Mount Sinai and a Master's Student at Yeshiva University.

John Sekar

Postdoctoral Fellow

John's graduate research focused on the development of methods for visualizing rule-based dynamical models. John earned his PhD from the joint program in Computational and Systems Biology at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh.

Bilal Shaikh

Undergraduate Student

Bilal is developing a model of a canonical bacterium. Bilal is also completing his undergraduate studies at Columbia University.

Balazs Szigeti

Postdoctoral Fellow

Balazs' graduate research focused on developing methods to quantitatively analyze the behavior of small animals. Balazs earned his PhD in Neuroinformatics from the University of Edinburgh and his BSc and MSc in Theoretical Physics from Imperial College London.


  • Azraf Anwar: Then: Summer Intern, Now: Undergraduate Student at Columbia University
  • Anne Marie Barrette: Then: Rotation Student. Now: PhD student in Marc Birtwistle's Lab at Mount Sinai.
  • Laura Deming: Then: Visting Researcher. Now: venture capitalist at the Longevity Fund.
  • Graeme Gossel: Then: Postdoctoral Fellow. Now: Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Physics & Astronomy at Hunter College
  • Samuel Miravet: Then: Visiting PhD Student from the Center for Genomic Regulation. Now: PhD Student at the Center for Genomic Regulation
  • Saahith Pochiraju: Then: Bioinformatician. Now: Trading Support Engineer at Flow Traders
  • Rohan Roy: Then: Summer Intern, Now: Undergraduate Student at Cornell University
  • Robert Ruzic: Then: Winter Intern, Now: Undergraduate Student at Stony Brook University
  • Ashwin Srinivasan: Then: Summer Intern, Now: Undergraduate Student at MIT
  • Eric Sun: Then: Winter Intern, Now: Undergraduate Student at Harvard University
  • Catherine Wu: Then: Winter Intern, Now: Undergraduate Student at Harvard University
  • Catherine Wang: Then: Winter Intern, Now: Undergraduate Student at Harvard University
See our alumni page for more information.


  • Yonathan Arfi, INRA
  • Alain Blanchard, INRA
  • Rui Chang, Mt Sinai
  • Carole Lartigue, INRA
  • Maria Lluch-Senar, CRG
  • Pablo Meyer, IBM & Mt Sinai
  • Eric Schadt, Mt Sinai
  • Luis Serrano, CRG
  • Pascal Sirand, INRA
  • Jörg Stülke, University of Göttingen

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