Anne Marie Barrette

PhD Rotation Student

Anne was a PhD rotation student in Winter 2016. She is currently a PhD student in the Biophysics and Systems Pharmacology program at Mount Sinai.

Laura Deming

Visiting Scientist and Partner, The Longevity Fund

Laura visited us in summer 2015 to learn more about whole-cell modeling. Laura is a partner at The Longevity Fund. Her driving passion is to slow aging and eliminate age-related disease. She has been involved in aging research from an early age. In 2011, Laura won a Thiel Fellowship to start a venture capital firm which invests in companies which are develop products to extend healthy living.

Graeme Gossel

Postdoctoral Fellow

Graeme will be joining us in January 2016 to build whole-cell models and to use whole-cell models to understand the basic principles of cellular life. Graeme has extensive experience in dynamical modeling and mathematical analysis. Prior to Mount Sinai, Graeme worked with Andrew Yates to use dynamical models of the immune system to understand how immune cells develop and mature. As as graduate student, Graeme studied how matter behaves as its density approaches that of a black hole. Graeme earned his PhD in Physics from the University of New South Wales.

Samuel Miravet

Visiting PhD Student

Samuel is a visiting PhD student from the Center for Regulatory Genomics in Barcelona, Spain.

Eric Sun

Winter Intern

Eric was a Wintern Intern in 2017. He is currently an undergraduate student at Harvard University.

Catherine Wu

Winter Intern

Catherine was a Wintern Intern in 2017. She is currently an undergraduate student at Harvard University.